At Pets Villa, Everything is Pawsitive

From Your Pets’ Basic Needs to Their Self Actualization

If you are looking for the purrrfect place to pamper your furry babies, you will love the pet-parents utopia – Pets Villa, the best Pet Store in Bangalore! Our focus is on boosting the lifestyles of your fur balls and enhancing the experience of pet parents. So, just sploot back and relax as our trained animal whisperers offer the best in pet care to your darlings.

Best Pet Store For Foods And Supplies In Bangalore


Pawfect and tailored nutrition with the highest quality treats from top brands including Royal Canin, Taste Of The Wild, N&D, Orijen and Pro Plan.


Direct doorstep delivery service because your furballs deserves the best – at NO EXTRA COST.


Attentive and caring customer service to hear out your every boof and bork 24x7.

We Are the Best Pet Care Center In Bangalore

Multi-Specialty Hospitals

Your Floofs and Feathered darlings are our first love and our expert vets ensure utmost care at our multi-specialty hospitals, that is fully equipped with X-Ray facility, radiography and complete diagnostic labs at HSR Layout & D-Group Layout.

Pet Boarding

We offer top-notch, all-season, homestay and pet-boarding facilities for your pet babies, which are comfortable, secure and supervised 24×7 by expert professionals, as a home away from home. Choose use for pet boarding and Say NO to dirty kennels.

Pet Transport

If you are looking for pet relocation service in Bangalore, then here ends your search. We provide a complete ecosystem for pet relocation for safely transporting your pet darlings, including proper feeding, constant monitoring, certification, vaccinations and everything in between.

The Best Grooming Services Center For Pets In Bangalore

We understand that your pets are your valued members of your family and you want to fill their life with warmth, happiness and love. So, give them the best possible care and treatment at Pet’s Villa. 

Medicated Bath & Flea Removal

Medicated baths for your dear fur balls – to soak in the goodness of nutrients and be freed of ticks and fleas.


Shower and shampoo will become fun for your little ones – smelling all fragrant and feeling all fresh.

Face Trim

Face trimming for your doggos and fluffs by groomers with excellent bedside manners, comprehensive knowledge and medical training.

Teeth Cleaning & Nail Clipping

Get your furr-babies ready for the best ‘pet’icure, manicure, and dental hygiene – treatment from seasoned care specialists.

Why Choose Us?

Let’s answer with a counter question – why choose anyone or any online pet store when you have a utopian one-stop shop, Pets Villa? Whether it is the range of products or the varieties within that range in a pet store nearby, our in-store experts will answer all your questions and solve all your problems related to your furry companions.

Experienced Staff

Friendly, trained and experienced staff that will understand you and your angels.

One-Stop Shop

Single space to cater to all daily and healthcare needs along with the occasional pampering that your fur babies deserve.

Find Us Near To You

We are everywhere. Now find us easily at 5 different locations – BSK 3rd Stage, Nagarbhavi, HSR Layout and Muddinapalya D-group Layout.

Pets Villa – The Nearby Pet Store

Pets Villa is more than just a pet store. It is a pet-paradise, where you can get the best supplies, food, treats, toys, grooming services and veterinary care. With experienced veterinary professionals and highly trained staff, we offer diagnostic and multi-specialty hospital services at two different locations in Bangalore. We are a home to a beautiful range of feathered friends – Macaws, Cockatoos, Lovebirds, Budgies, African Grey, Sun Conure – and a captivating variety of swimming sweethearts – Arowana, Flowerhorn, goldfish, livebearers, guppies and so many more.

Pet Store Near Me

Come, explore and experience the quality, class and excellence of our service. We live up to our name of being more than a Pets Home. We are Pets Villa.

Pets Villa
#750, 10th Main, Vinayaka HSBS Layout
NAGARABHAVI 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560072

Near by Area

Our Pet’s Villa store in Nagarbhavi is situated on the main road, positioned very near to the very popular, Swathi hotel.

Your Very Own Pet Store Nearby

The loyalty, love and encouragement from our pet friends and pet-parents have motivated us to open a chain of stores at multiple locations in Bangalore. And this is just the beginning.

Visit Pets Villa once with your furry babies & we promise to fulfil all your pet(s) fantasies!